Designated Lobos

Designated Lobos

We believe that UNM Students who make sure their friends get home safe should be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. When you participate, you receive movie tickets to Century Theaters, and a chance to be entered into a special drawing with even bigger prizes, just for our Designated Lobos! Entering to win is easy - Simply follow the quick 5 steps below!


How to Become a Designated Lobo
Step 1
Stop by the COSAP office in Mesa Vista Hall to get signed up and pick up one of our customized Designated Lobo wristbands.
Step 2
Snap a photo of you, your friends, and your wristband while you are out.
Step 3
Message the photo to COSAP’s Facebook page within three days.
Step 4
Get your friends home safely!
Step 5
After we receive your photo and approve it, come to our office and pick up your gift card!


A designated driver is not the person who is the least drunk! You must be sober to qualify for our program.

Please Take Note:
We appreciate you sending in your pictures, however, we would like to add a disclaimer for all future posts. Although we know that drinking can and does occur with students, and that you, Designated Lobos, are putting forth a great effort to protect your friends while this happens, we must ask that all future entries on our Facebook page do not include students drinking alcoholic beverages. As we are a prevention program, we cannot display students actively drinking on our social networking pages. We would like to add that any inconspicuous bottles or people drinking in the background would be fine, but we will no longer post pictures where a student is drinking an alcoholic beverage, blatantly.
We reserve the right to withhold rewards from anyone who gives us the suspicion that they are being dishonest. 

We will reiterate: You must be sober of any intoxicants to qualify for our program.
This is an honors system program, and we expect that you respect it. This program is meant to reward students 
who are being smart and safe while still having fun. Don't abuse it; USE IT!