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On Campus Resources for Students, Faculty & Staff

Campus Resources for Students

If you are concerned about a student’s alcohol, tobacco or other drug use, contact Student Health and Counseling or the Campus Office of Substance Abuse Prevention for consultation. Confidential individual assessments and education are available.

  • Student Health and Counseling (SHAC)— 277-3136
  • SHAC (Counseling) — 277-4537
  • COSAP (Campus Office of Substance Abuse Prevention) — 277-2795
  • SHAC Health Education Program — 277-7947

Other Campus and Community Resources/Related Links:

Campus Resources for Faculty & Staff

If you are concerned about your own, an employee’s or a colleague’s alcohol or drug use, contact the CARS program. The intent of CARS is not to intrude into the private lives of University employees, but rather to provide services for those who choose to request help with their problems. Your contact with CARS is confidential within the limits of applicable law and ethical guidelines. Individual assessments, short-term counseling, consultation and referrals are available. CARS also offers presentations on a variety of topics, voluntary mediation services, group crisis intervention, and team building.

  • C.A.R.S. (Counseling, Assistance & Referral Service) — 272-6868
  • UNM Employee Health Promotion Program — 277-4460
  • UNM Employee Occupational Health Services — 272-8043