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Student Athletes: Drug Abuse Affects You

Drug and Alcohol use affects performance on and off the field. We want our student athletes to be aware of the facts about drug abuse, the real rates of use, and the consequences of using Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD).

Alcohol crushes your performance and training abilities:

  • Consuming 5 or more drinks in one night affects brain and body function up to 3 days.
  • Heavy drinking results in projected losses of up to 14 days of training.

Most NCAA Student Athletes realize this:

Marijuana also affects your physical performance:

  • Your ability to track or follow moving objects is reduced.
  • Your ability to determine accurate visual depth decreases.
  • Your ability to determine velocity or speed at which an object is traveling lowers.
  • Smoking 5 joints a week is the same as a pack of cigarettes in the amount of carcinogens and tar your body takes in.

Most NCAA Student Athletes realize this: