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UNM Student Lifestyle Survey

677 UNM students were surveyed in the Spring of 2018 to determine social trends, common behaviors, and attitudes towards alcohol and other drugs. The following information is a summation of the findings from this survey.

Alcohol Use

  • 1.53 is the average number of drinks consumed per week for all students. However, students think typical students on their campus consume an average of 5.82 drinks each week
  • Nearly one-half, 44.7% of all students reported drinking NO alcohol in the past 30 days
  • 55.3% of all students reported having had alcohol on one or more days in the past 30 days

Binge Drinking

  • 73.5% of all students reported not having five or more drinks in a sitting on one or more occasions over the past two weeks

Alcohol and Academic Consequences

A comparison of self-reported grades and average number of drinks consumed weekly

Self-Reported Grades

Mostly A's
Mostly B's
Mostly C's
Mostly D's

Average Number of Drinks Consumed per Week


  • 86.1% did not perform poorly on a test or important project due to alcohol
  • 75.7% did not miss a class because of alcohol

Student Protective Behaviors Associated with Drinking Alcohol

  • 67.1% of students stop drinking 1-2 hours before going home
  • 66.9% alternate with non-alcoholic beverages
  • 80.1% have a designated driver
  • 67.9% keep track of the number of drinks they have
  • 78.1% eat before and during the time they're drinking
  • 64.1% hang out with people who drink less or more slowly
  • 79.6% refuse to ride with a driver who has been drinking
  • 71.9% watch a friend's drink while he/she is gone
  • 59.4% decide ahead not to exceed a set number of drinks
  • 42%  avoid drinking games
  • 47.8% limit number of drinks per hour

Use of Designated Drivers

  • 58.7% reported having served as a sober designated driver on one or more times in the past 12 months

Drinking and Driving

  • 81.3% of students have not driven under the influence in the past 12 months
  • 76% think that a DUI/DWI conviction would impact their career opportunities a great deal

Riding with Drivers Under the Influence of Alcohol

  • 79.2% reported not riding in a car or other vehicle driven by someone who had been drinking alcohol

Perception of Risk of Drinking and Driving

  • 67.7% of students reported they were somewhat likely to very likely to be arrested for DWI if they were driving after having had too much to drink

Social Norms About Drinking and Driving

  • 91.6% of students reported they thought their closest friends would disapprove or strongly disapprove if they drove a car while under the influence of alcohol

Tobacco and Other Drug Use

  • 82.7% of students reported not using tobacco in the last 30 days
  • 71.4% of students reported not using marijuana in the last 30 days
  • 96.5% of students reported not using prescription drugs not prescribed to them in the last 30 days