A thriving campus community free from the negative consequences of alcohol and other drugs (AOD).

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To prevent the abuse of alcohol and other drugs through programs and practices that inform UNM students, faculty, and staff about the negative consequences of alcohol and other drugs, promote safe and moderate behaviors, and contest positive perceptions of AOD abuse.


• We do not judge, we support safe decision making - We are here for you!

• No Lectures - We are not your parents.

• No Hype - Only unbiased information.

• Just the facts!

At COSAP, we understand that some of you choose to use alcohol and other drugs; however, we hope you will make informed choices about AOD use and alternatives that won’t jeopardize your health or academic success. Nonetheless, understand that underage drinking and use of other drugs is unlawful and any use of these drugs runs counter to UNM campus policy. There can be consequences!


COSAP organizes and promotes prevention activities and alternative substance-free activities as options for students to enjoy their time at UNM without alcohol and other drugs. COSAP programs are designed to promote realistic estimates of your peers’ and your own AOD use; to increase your success and health; to reduce your risks; and to help you live by the following norms:

• Abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs is supported in any situation.

• Because UNM is a drug-free campus, use of alcohol or other drugs (including underage drinking, or possession on campus) is unacceptable in any situation.

• Any use of alcohol is unacceptable in high-risk situations such as drinking and driving.

• Heavy drinking (5+ drinks in 2 hours) is dangerous and unacceptable in any situation.

• Moderate drinking (1 drink per 1 hour) is acceptable in low-risk situations (such as at a bar or party with a designated driver).

• If you decide to use alcohol and other drugs, make sure that you are informed about the risks, physical and legal consequences, and know how to help yourself and your peers in case of an emergency.


Since its establishment in 1992, COSAP has been a part of the UNM Center on Alcohol, Substance use And Addictions (CASAA) and is charged with two broad objectives:

• To coordinate, enhance, and develop substance abuse prevention programs for all members of the campus community in conjunction with existing UNM and community services.

• Ensure UNM's compliance with federal regulations related to substance abuse including the Drug-Free Workplace Act and the higher education provisions of the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act.